How the Gill Foundation Backs the LGBTQ Community in Colorado

Philipp Salveter/shutterstock

Over the course of nearly three decades, the Gill Foundation has invested over $408 million for LGBTQ equality. This Denver, Colorado-based funder envisions a world where everyone has equal opportunities, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation. Since Tim Gill launched the foundation in 1994, it has been working with other donors and funders to secure full equality close to home and beyond.

Here are a few things to know about the Gill Foundation and its commitment to Colorado.

Three top priorities

The Gill Foundation pursues its LGBTQ equality mission by supporting organizations and programs within three categories. Its equal treatment focus area addresses inequities from state to state in the U.S., since some state laws allow landlords to deny LGBTQ people housing or unfairly evict them. This giving category also supports employment nondiscrimination laws that protect LGBTQ people in the workplace, and public accommodation laws to prevent LGBTQ people from being refused entry or service in public places.

The youth and families giving category addresses harmful “conversion therapy” practices that attempt to change a young person's sexual orientation or gender identity. The foundation focuses on both local bans and statewide bans of this practice. The third giving category is all about Colorado and focuses on local and statewide needs so that everyone in Colorado has the same opportunities to thrive.  

Colorado giving

Since its inception, the Gill Foundation has invested over $52 million in the state of Colorado. Its support has helped make Colorado one of the most LGBTQ-friendly states in the U.S., and to build financial resilience programs there. The foundation makes Colorado grants in four critical areas. One is advocacy to secure equal rights for LGBTQ Coloradans, while another is STEM education to advance Colorado’s leadership in science, technology, engineering and math.

The Gill Foundation also provides funding for financial services to protect consumers in Colorado and promote financial literacy and fair lending practices. Meanwhile, public broadcasting grants fund in-depth, community-focused journalism in rural and mountain communities in Colorado.

No unsolicited grant proposals

Even for nonprofits based in Colorado, this foundation can be challenging to approach as a grantseeker. It makes grants on an invitation-only basis and does not accept unsolicited requests. The Gill Foundation receives requests from hundreds of organizations each year but tends to focus on programs and organizations that it is already familiar with and that its board of directors specifically identify. However, the foundation is open to general inquiries via online form if you would like to get in touch.

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