An Overview of the Bohemian Foundation’s Local Giving in Colorado

Many funding opportunities exist in the city of Fort Collins. Photo: marekuliasz/shutterstock

Many funding opportunities exist in the city of Fort Collins. Photo: marekuliasz/shutterstock

Nonprofits across the U.S. and even abroad are familiar with how the Bohemian Foundation aims to strengthen communities through targeted grants. But it’s also important to note that this foundation is based in Fort Collins, Colorado and has a habit of giving close to home. Colorado-focused grants are a big part of the picture for this foundation, which founder Pat Stryker named after 19th-century Europe’s Bohemian movement.

The Bohemian Foundation’s approach in Colorado prizes community-building, with a strong focus on helping young people thrive. Economic stability is another key component of this funder’s approach to community programs.

Bohemian’s Community Giving Vehicles

Bohemian gives regularly through its Pharos Fund, a responsive grantmaking program that supports groups aligned with the foundation’s goals. It also gives through a community event fund that assists with fundraising events in the city of Fort Collins.

Beyond these opportunities, which nonprofits can access through a selective application process, the Bohemian Foundation also funds special initiatives to address gaps, meet needs and leverage resources. For instance, Give 10 is an initiative designed to inspire charitable giving, while Give Next is a school-based program to teach kids about philanthropy.

Targeted Giving

While community grantmaking at the Bohemian Foundation covers a fairly broad range, this funder also funds several very specific interests each year. Music is one big local interest, especially where it can enhance community connections. Toward that goal, Bohemian supports youth music programs, live performances of contemporary music, and efforts to help musicians and music-related businesses succeed.

Civic programs are another interest—this funder believes that supporting democracy is a great way to create better economic opportunities for everyone. These grants go toward programs that promote citizen participation in government, political inclusivity and government accountability. Some of these grants are local, such as the Colorado Media Project and the Colorado Civic Engagement Roundtable. But most of them are more national in scope, including grants to the American Constitution Society and Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.

Opportunities for Colorado Nonprofits

Before approaching the Bohemian Foundation, it is important to know that some of its programs are more accessible to local nonprofits than others. In fact, there are four responsive grantmaking programs that specifically focus on Fort Collins, Colorado. These are the community event fund, music event fund, Muse, and Pharos Fund.

The foundation often makes announcements in local news sources when it begins accepting new applications for the next grant round. General operating support, project support and program support are all fair game. Before upcoming deadlines, Bohemian usually hosts workshops for its open opportunities. Interested nonprofit professionals should plan to register online when these are offered.

In the meantime, grantseekers can learn more about the Bohemian Foundation, its founder and typical grantees here at Inside Philanthropy. Check out our full profile of Pat Stryker’s foundation and other regional donors in our Mountain States funding guide.